Our Digital Marketing Services

At GetWebMax, our Digital Marketing Services services fall under three categories.  They are: Web Design, Digital Marketing and Content Creation.  These three categories combined, provide you a rock-solid head start to build a website guaranteed to bring you customers.

Web Design and Web Development

We specialize in web design and web development using the WordPress platform. We tailor design and build WordPress websites that help our clients establish their brands and grow their businesses. We can build anything from a template-based website which saves money, to a fully customized branded enterprise solution. We natively build our websites optimized for SEO. Our websites are designed for almost-immediate indexing and search engine response when your customers are looking for your products and services.

Image of developers demonstrating that GetWebMax.com is a web development firm specializing in the WordPress Platform

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Services employ many popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

Digital marketing is about creating a system to have your ideal customer find you.  We design and tailor rich marketing campaigns that allow clients to find you over your competition. No longer does a business have to use the “spray and pray” approach to marketing.  Businesses don’t have to waste money trying to reach as many prospects as possible, and hoping some will call back. We have the ability to target your ideal customer based on interests, age, gender, income, location, languages spoken, habits or any other demographic you can imagine. By marketing directly to your preferred client demographic, you save money on advertising.  You’ll also augment your “Return call ratios”.

Content Creation

Content Creation is about creating different forms of media such as info graphics, clever photography, movie clips or anything else that could be used to say what you want to say effectively. We create rich digital media designed to establish interest so that you can create relationships with your customers. Using rich media to tell your story creates interest.  When you create interest, you increase conversions.  Our goal is to create rich media content for you sell to your customers.  When a customer thinks of a product or service you offer, you’ll know they’ll think about you instead of your competition.

Beautiful female photographer smiling while holding her camera ready to take pictures

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